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Top dinosaur paleo stories of 2008
Top dinosaur paleo stories of 2008
The most interesting discoveries and events in the paleo world from 2009.
Lost Worlds of Dinosauria

A visual survey

Updated: October 27, 2011
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  Lost Worlds of dinosaurs What KT extinction?
  Lost Worlds of dinosaurs Dinosaurs of the Weird, Weird West
"Lost worlds: Isolated ecosystems on Earth are found where dinosaurs still exist."
Dinosaurs in Science Fiction by John Joseph Adams
"The Lost World literary genre is a fantasy or science fiction genre that involves the discovery of a new world out of time, place, or both."
Viewing the collection
The current collection may be view through two lenses: By media type, chronologically and by location. In a sense however the location view is also roughly chronological. Lost worlds were first placed by their authors beneath our very feet. As exploration revealed more of the world, makers of lost worlds placed their creations just beyond the edge of the unknown; at the poles, on distant islands, atop forbidding plateaus, among remote valleys and deep within vast continents. When all the world seemed known so the depths of space and other dimensions were pressed into service.
Lost Worlds of dinosaurs 1980 - Present
Lost Worlds of dinosaurs - Transdimensional and transtemporal Transdimensional and transtemporal Lost Worlds of dinosaurs Bibliography
About the collection
This collection does not include every fictional lost world featuring "dinosaurs". It favors those from books, film, comics, roleplaying and computer games. It also focuses on the first appearance of a title (e.g. "The Lost World" novel by Conan Doyle) but may not represent every subsequent adaptation or derivation of that work. We've also applied a certain expectation of originality so the many lost world films that recycles footage from One Million B.C. (1940) (itself a film set in prehistoric times) e.g. Untamed Women, Valley of the Dragons and Island of the Dinosaurs (La Isla De Los Dinosaurios) are likewise omitted. Despite including such footage, a dubious film for other reasons, King Dinosaur (1955), makes the cut because it does contain significant original footage. Also included are what some may consider creatures that are only marginally dinosaurian. These include the obviously intended exosaurians the Ymir from 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957) and the homicidal Martian monster from It! The Terror From Beyond Space (1958). Some may also argue that a film like The Beast of Hollow Mountain (1956) is a dinosaur-on-the-loose film rather than of the Lost World subgenre. It is included here because, though poorly defined in the movie, "Hollow Mountain" is an isolated location that the titular beast is associated with in the same way that Gwangi is with its remote Forbidden Valley.
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Bathos (?), Chult (Forgotten Realms and The Ring of Winter (Lowder)), Congo (Baby the Secret of the Lost Legend, 1985), Congo (Night Shapes by James Blish), Eberron (Dungeons and Dragons), Dinosaur City (Adventures in Dinosaur City, 1991), Dinosaur Island (Dinosaur Island, 1992), Dinosaur Island (Dinosaur Island, 2002), Dinosaur Island (Wolf Tracer's Dinosaur Island, 2004), Eoden (Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire), Golarion (Pathfinder: Darklands), Gondolend (William M. Svensen), Island of Dinosoids (Super Friends), Lemuria (The Wizard of Lemuria), Lost Prehistorica (Dungeons and Dragons), (Lost Sanctum (Chrono Trigger), Lost Underground (Earthbound), Lost Valley (Dino Boy), Lost World (DuckTales), Molesville (Super Friends), Sulerin (Dungeons and Dragons), Valley of the Dinosaurs (Hannah Barbera), Venus (Space 1889), Volcanic Dinosaur Island of Doom (Zeppelin Age: Airship Troopers), Zorandar (Lands of Mystery).